30 June 2017

Call for applications to Unitaid’s Proposal Review Committee

Unitaid is pleased to issue a call for applications of experts to replenish its Proposal Review Committee (PRC) for the period January 2018 – December 2020.

In accordance with the Unitaid Strategy 2017-2021, Unitaid’s interventions promote innovation, catalyze equitable access to better health products and create the right conditions for scale up, so better health products reach all people who need them. PRC is Unitaid’s independent, impartial team of experts, chaired by Prof. Andy Gray, who provide scientific, public health, health systems, programmatic, country implementation, market dynamics and health economics expertise to Unitaid in its advisory capacity. PRC works closely with the Unitaid Secretariat in the Joint Review Committee, reviews proposals submitted for funding and draft grant agreement documents according to established criteria.

Applications for PRC membership are welcome to fill both the Core Member and Disease/issue specific Member functions. For further detail on PRC Member functions, requirements, expertise, working procedures and the process of selection, please refer to the PRC Terms of Reference.

The scope of the PRC Member engagement is defined by the Unitaid Strategy 2017-2021 and the disease narratives.

Process for proposal submission

Interested experts should send their CV and letter of motivation to proposalsunitaid@who.int by close of business Geneva (Switzerland) time on Monday 11 September  2017. Applications received past the indicated deadline will not be considered.

N.B. An application is considered submitted only once you receive an e-mail message of confirmation of receipt from Unitaid.

The letter of motivation should clearly state whether the applicant wishes to be considered for the Core Member and/or Disease/issue specific Member functions and should clearly indicate which area(s) of expertise outlined in the PRC Terms of Reference he/she could cover. PRC Members are senior experts, therefore any claim of area of expertise has to be supported with evidence of at least 10 years of expertise and/or references from organizations where expertise has previously been provided.

After assessment of the applications and endorsement by the Unitaid Board during its meeting in December 2017 all applicants will be officially notified as to whether their application has been successful.

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